Victor C. Ching Yee

All About Victor C. Yee

Victor C. YeeA teacher should be very dedicated, committed, or passionate in the field of work and to other things that he is being affiliated or connected. If you do not have one of these qualities you will not stay in your profession for a long period of time as a teacher. The qualities that are being given are manifested by Victor C. Ching Yee.

Victor C. Ching Yee has a M.Ed. Teaching and Teacher Education at the University of Arizona and a graduate of B.A. major in History and Economics at the same university. He is now teaching in his Alma Mater as a teacher teaching the subject that has a connection to his baccalaureate degree and post- baccalaureate degree but he can also teach others like teaching how to play a chess. He is an excellent teacher because he does not just stay on his major but he can do other jobs.

He is also an academic advisor where he works in a series of interactions with the school curriculum, including the way of teaching or the so called pedagogy and the learning outcomes of the students. Through this he became knowledgeable enough in teaching his subject and helping other teachers in Arizona to become professionally competent like him. His co – teachers are already competent enough but they also have to continue their professional education. The continuing professional education will help all of the teachers to be more flexible in solving the present educational problems. In other words they can address the educational problems that their school is experiencing at the present moment.

Victor C. YeeHe also has other responsibilities like being the adviser or advisor to the pre – business students whose last names begin with the letter D – G. His technical background or knowledge will be a great help to the student that he has. He can also do their job at its best.

He is also working with the diversity initiatives in an undergraduate programs office. The diversity initiative that Victor C. Ching Yee is part is an organization that is building a technical response to diversity. This will help them on how to facilitate or manage the diversity of the students.

All of these things make Victor C. Ching Yee a very global teacher, which implies a passionate and competent teacher in the University Arizona. He is also a kind of person that does not forget his Alma Mater that really honed him to become like that. He shows his deepest gratitude to it by serving as a teacher. Thus, he is one of the teachers that makes the university to be on top.

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