Leodis Matthews as Professional Attorney

Leodis MatthewsLeodis Matthews is a licensed and professional attorney with Hunter and Matthews, his office is located in Frankfurt Germany and Los Angeles California. His practice is well focused on administrative, labor, corporate, commercial transactions and federal litigation law. The German law office represents both of the American and German companies, and also it represent US employees situated in Europe. Leodis Matthews represented many clients in different jurisdictions worldwide, and also he is engage and making investigations in Asia, Europe and Africa. Aside from that, his practice in law includes defense, prosecution and wide investigation of complex criminal and civil litigation with an emphasis on Appellate and federal district court litigation, supervision of State Supreme Court litigation, trade practice in international court, government contracts and federal agencies.

Being an attorney prior to his present practice, Leodis Matthews served as the assistant of US attorney, senior attorney and one of the special trial court attorney together with the US department of justice. Also, he served as senior counsel on the United States House of Representatives and one of the respected deputy attorneys with the Oregon State.

Leodis Matthews is a high experienced transaction and trial attorney who is licensed with the Columbia bar district, state bar of Oregon and state bar of California. Also he is a licensed attorney with the Ohio northern district, Texas northern district, Oregon district and Federal court of California. In addition, he is also authorized to transact and engage in the law practice in Germany.

Matthews earned his degree from college of Lewis and Clark and graduated in the year 1971, he is speaks fluently in German and has a familiarity speaking French. He has lived in Los Angeles for more than twenty years, while staying here he has remained on his private practice, he served as the head of his own law practice. On his spare time, he enjoys having outdoor sports, wilderness hiking and sailing, along with staying active member of different professional organizations.

Leodis Matthews

Because of his dedication and being an excellent attorney, several of his clients recommend him as the attorney for resolving some cases of some popular people in his area of law and that is the beginning why he became popular as attorney.

Now, you have already know who is Leodis Matthews and why he became the best attorney in his time and for those people who already try his excellent skill in resolving many cases.

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